Management Messages

KYOCERA management message

At KYOCERA, in order to deliver products and services that delight our customers, we take the “Customer-First” Principle as our top priority. To ensure customer satisfaction, we aim to be a partner that delivers new value to our customers' operations, with employees who relentlessly pursue their dreams, work enthusiastically and achieve self-determined goals.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. is the company that undertakes the document solutions business in KYOCERA group, which has consistently opened up new worlds by leveraging leading-edge technologies in a broad range of fields from fine ceramics, electronic devices and communications services to environment and energy markets.

For more than 20 years, we have minimized environmental impact by developing long-life, low-waste printers and multifunctional products. We have worked continually to build long-term partnerships with our customers by optimizing total usage cost of a product through the minimization of the number of consumable parts that require frequent replacement.

In recent years, customers' business environments have become more diversified and globalized, and requirements for borderless streamlining of operational process as well as quick decision making have increased. At the same time, the volume of documents handled on the business front line has grown exponentially and the issues involved with document processing are multiplying. Built on our strong foundation of hardware sales and maintenance, our extensive consulting services and self-developed business applications enable us to better understand customers' business environments and solve document-related issues through our total document solution approach.

KYOCERA Document Solutions will continue to grow together with you, and be a partner that will contribute to your business growth.

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