MDS stands for Managed Document Services. It is superior to Managed Print Services (MPS) (Managed Print Services) because where MPS only focuses on output, MDS optimises your entire document output process from capturing to archiving, workflows to security and environmental impact. This holistic approach makes MDS a unique and vital strategy for every company that wants to look at its entire potential for cost reduction. In fact, experience shows that MDS can reduce output costs by around 30%.

KYOCERA MDS uses a process of Assess, Design, Implement, Optimise and Manage to precisely identify your document output costs. We highlight where time and resources are wasted before creating a tailor-made environment to reduce your overall costs and impact on the planet. What's more, by offering a wide range of services from one single source, KYOCERA MDS eliminates the frustration and time-wastage of dealing with numerous vendors. Ultimately, KYOCERA MDS can streamline your output management, reduce your IT department's workload and also cut the environmental impact of your printers and MFPs.

Why choose KYOCERA MDS?

KYOCERA MDS is the perfect partner for more efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly document output. It is a total solution that optimises your entire output process from hardware to workflows and staff productivity regardless of what brand your devices may be. KYOCERA also ensures industry-leading support through our fast Help Desk and Remote Monitoring. So you can now get all the output management services you need from a single, reliable source. And if you choose KYOCERA hardware and software, you also enjoy the following benefits and reassurances:

  • ?KYOCERA printers, copiers and multifunctional devices are renowned for their exceptional reliability and economy.
  • ?KYOCERA software applications are your guarantee for lean and secure document processes.
  • ?KYOCERA has always focused on environmental protection and the preservation of economical resources when developing its products and technologies.
  • ?With KYOCERA, you enjoy all the expertise you need from a highly dependable service partner.

KYOCERA MDS is not just for large, international corporations. Our services are of great benefit to small and medium-sized companies. We are confident that KYOCERA MDS will help to achieve significant cost reductions in your company, too.

And with KYOCERA, you enjoy all the expertise you need from a highly dependable service partner.

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